I don’t know what else to say but finally, it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for. At long last, I’m finally making my debut solo album, and I’m going to be recording it at Muscle Shoals!What does Muscle Shoals mean to me? Pure love for music, and I can’t count how many of my heroes have done their best work there – Wilson Pickett, Cher, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Willie Nelson, The Staples Singers, Etta James, and The Rolling Stones, just to name a few. It’s a truly magical place.

To say that I’m honoured, thrilled, or sleepless at the thought doesn’t begin to describe it. I would have never gotten this far without the incredible loyalty of my fans, and so I’m calling on you to help me get just a little further. I’ll be updating you on every step of my journey in the coming weeks and months. Please visit the PledgeMusic site to learn more about the project and to pledge your support!

It’s all about the music.




Every gig is special but there are some that you know you’ll never forget. A little while back my friend Glenn Hughes got in touch to ask if I wanted to join him on stage while he was touring the UK. I never expected him to say, ‘let’s do the version of You Keep On Moving I did at the Royal Albert Hall, you can do Bruce Dickinson’s part!’ This isn’t just special because it was getting up on stage with one of the greatest voices and talents of all time, it’s because as we now know Glenn was going through an incredibly difficult time and it wasn’t long after this that he lost his precious mother. A powerful voice and such a strong man and a wonderful soul.
Here’s a great clip that a fan shot of the night, and a fantastic review of what went on. Enjoy!


I’ve been getting some really lovely messages from you all asking me when I’m going to get out of London. I hear you, and here I come! This November I’ll be a special guest with my great friends the Answer and the Dead Daisies, starting on November 12th, finishing back in my hometown at the Electric Ballroom on Nov 23rd. This is going to be a really special tour for me, not just because I’ll be out with friends, but I’ll be doing a very raw, stripped-back set and experimenting with the sound and feel of my new material. Some of you who came to my show at the Old Church in St. Pancras will know just what I mean. I truly can’t wait to see you out on the road, so get your tickets here and come and say hello!